Welcome To Doors Synapsys!

Doors Synapsys is a specialist company engaged in the assessment and evaluation of human intelligences, abilities and potential in individuals of all ages – young school children, college students and professionals with the firm belief that such an assessment would help them in realizing their true potential in life. Doors Synapsys, with its registered head quarters in Chandigarh, is an independently operating body for multiple intelligence assessment and evaluation. We have worked closely with educationists, teachers, psychologists, HR professionals, information technologists and people with exceptional abilities in arts and sciences, to develop and standardize assessment tools based on revolutionary methodologies involving biometrics and psychometrics. We are affiliated to the International Test Commission (ITC), an international association of national psychological associations and other organizations committed to promoting effective testing and assessment policies and to the proper development, evaluation and usage of educational and psychological testing instruments.

Doors Synapsys seeks to build and share credible and authoritative knowledge in the field of Dermatoglyphics and Multiple Intelligence and render professional services to individuals and institutions. It aims to help, develop and apply new technology for accuracy and ease, and at the same time excels in an empathetic approach which has an assistive and human touch for people to benefit tactically and psychologically from the knowledge.
  • Identification of the innate capabilities - to discover the inborn potentials
  • Creating awareness of unique innate traits present within each individuals -to guide individuals in expanding their horizons
  • Development of the already possessed strengths and pushing the weak areas- to initiate the process of growth and advancement on the basis of insight gained
By working with schools, educational institutions and corporate houses,Doors Synapsys helps in identification and development of the innate qualities within each individual using biometric evaluation called Dermatoglyphics.