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Our assessments are based on the concept of human intelligence. Human Intelligence has been the subject of debate for several centuries and a number of theories have been formulated. There are several definitions but there has been no standard definition of what exactly constitutes ‘intelligence’. Some theorists have proposed that it is a single general entity while others have stated that intelligence encompasses a range of aptitudes, skills and talents. One of the more recent ideas to emerge is Howard Gardner's 'Theory of Multiple Intelligences'.

The eight intelligences Gardner described are:

The Theoretical Basis for Multiple Intelligences

To provide a sound theoretical foundation for his claims, Gardner set up certain basic “tests” that each intelligence had to meet, to be considered a full-fledged intelligence and not simply a talent, skill, or aptitude. The criteria he used include the following eight factors:

The acceptance of Gardner’s 8 Intelligences by the scientific community and educators is based on the fact that each of the 8 MIs satisfies the above criteria and are therefore distinct human intelligences rather than mere abilities or talents.