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Doors Synapsys is a specialist company engaged in the assessment and evaluation of human intelligences, abilities and potential in individuals of all ages – young school children, college students and professionals with the firm belief that such an assessment would help them in realizing their true potential in life. Doors Synapsys, with its registered head quarters in Chandigarh, is an independently operating body for multiple intelligence assessment and evaluation. We have worked closely with educationists, teachers, psychologists, HR professionals, information technologists and people with exceptional abilities in arts and sciences, to develop and

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International Test Commission

The International Test Commission is an organization with a variety of members.Its full members include most of the major national psychological associations; its affiliate members include test publishers and developers, and its individual members include researchers, practitioners and test developers. The ITC has become most widely known for its Guidelines in the areas of test adaptation, test use and computer-based testing, and for its international conference every two years. Today, the ITC membership covers most of the European Countries and North America, as well as some countries in the Middle and Far East, South America and Africa. Affiliation number A0142

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Biometric assessments refer to technologies that measure and analyze human body characteristics, such as DNA, fingerprints, eye retinas and irises, voice patterns, facial patterns and hand measurements, for authentication purposes.

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  • La Martiniere College, Lucknow , the pioneer school to Implement DMIA in North India.

    “In an attempt to use the latest tools applicable to educational technology, La Martiniere College, Lucknow, has adapted Dermatoglyph Multiple Intellect Evaluation (DMIE) powered by “Synapsys”, a pioneer it use modern technology in to help parents, teachers, educational planners and the pupils themselves, to maximize their innate potentials for a holistic growth.

    Such an exercise is no doubt viewed with skepticism and suspicion. Adequate scientific evidence however indicates that this is not akin to palmistry, face-reading or astrology. This is a one-time evaluation of innate intellect parameters, as reflected in the uniqueness of the fingerprint...

    C. McFarland (Principal)

  • For years together, Sunbeam Schools have believed in the concept of multiple intelligences and incorporated the same in the sunbeam Precept.

    Teachers in Sunbeam have over the years tried to reach out to students and make them understand in their own preferred ways through MI activities. But identifying the dominant and dormant intelligences in a child was always a challenge that we faced but now we are indeed happy that we will have the support of Dermatoglyphs MI Analysis.

    Thanks to our association with INNATE (Synapsys partners U. P). By becoming a channel partner, Sunbeam will now be able to unearth the smart side in every child from a very young age..

    Amrita Burman
    Deputy Director Sunbeam Group

  • “The Aryan international school with its motto ' the will to excel' believes in imparting education which is holistic developing the multiple intelligences of the students and enhancing their life skills with the help of various activities and technique based teaching in the classrooms. As each child is gifted ,his talent needs to be explored and nurtured enabling him to recognize himself and his skill so that he remains a winner always in his respective field of dexterity. Hence it is very important to analyze each child's nature and his aptitude in the formative age. Bio metrics is a very useful tool which makes the parent understand their child's aptitude ,his behavior and his intelligence skill. The parent then can concentrate on his diagnosed skill and work in accordance treading him to the right direction as per his caliber...”

    Vineet Chopra
    Chairman, Aryan International School, Varanasi

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